A Public Meeting on the Post-War Situation in Sri Lanka

Dear All,

A team from Chennai is travelling through different states in India from 16th to 28th October 2013. The train is arriving in Bangalore and Bangalore on the 19th October. While TamilNadu has been deeply aware of the situation in our neighbouring country, the extent of violence, bloodshed and displacement, is often not fully understood in other Indian states. This has led to certain alienation of Tamil Nadu the so-called “mainstream”. The tour of people concerned with the question of human rights violations in Sri Lanka, the question of genocide and massive displacement, triggers many questions in the Indian society as well, which need to be addressed if we strive for a viable Indian Society.

We would like to invite you to a hall meeting on 19th October 2013 at 4:00 p.m, in Indian Social Institute (ISI) Auditorium, 24, Benson Road, Benson Town, Bangalore-560046, to see a small exhibition and some visual material and to discuss the impact of the situation in our neighboring country on democracy in India and in South Asia. Since two weeks, comrade Thiyagu is on an indefinite-fast against the CHOGM to be held in Colombo. In this situation the campaign needs to be broadened and should snowball very fast in the next few weeks. We hope you will join the discussion and take action to support our main demands.

Our main demands are:

1) Cancel the CHOGM in Colombo, as it helps Mahindra Rajapakshe to be celebrated as a hero in the “War on Terror” and glosses over the massive human rights violations which have taken place especially during the end of the civil war in 2009.

2) Rajapakshe needs to be brought to book for war crimes/genocide with the help of UN and Interntaional Criminal Court in The Hague.

3) The human rights violations/genocide in Sri Lanka need to be recognized by the international community and people settled in refugee camps must be set free and enabled t build new lives.

4) The situation of women needs special attention. According to surveys, 90000 war widows seem to live in the country. Many of them are also maimed and have been raped or continuously violated. Justice must be done to them.

5) To build new life, people need land, water, shelter, and means of livelihood, security and participation in decision making process. The military control must be ended.

6) Devolution of power is needed as war has concentrated power in certain communities in Sri Lanka. A referendum is urgently needed on how to empower the Tamil people and to let them live in freedom, enjoying full political rights. Tamil Nadu Assembly passed a resolution on the referendum on 27/03/2013 but the Central Government kept quiet.

7) A militarized State has projected itself as the Guardian of the Dhamma of Bhuddha. Attacks are ongoing on people of other religions, like Muslims, Hindus and Christians. Alliance needs to be built to create freedom of religion and solidarity among violated people of different communities. Neo liberal globalization feeds into communalism and is being used by Capital for its own gains.

Looking forward to your participation in the meeting,

Warm regards,

Clifton D' Rozario Sis. Celia E. Deenadayalan

ALF, Bangalore NAPM, Bangalore The Other Media, Bangalore

Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 9:30pm