Practice Areas

This section discusses civil liberties issues including the rights of prisoners, access to the criminal justice system, and the law related to the police.

This section discusses criminal justice.

This section addresses legal questions surrounding environmental laws and their compliance.

This section discusses cases related to free speech, censorship, media across all medium.

This section hosts discussions and questions on the legal rights of women in all areas of law including family law, discrimination, employment, sexual violence, sexual harassment etc.

This section focuses on the intersection between intellectual property and public interest including: access to knowledge, medicine, and open source cultures.

This section looks at labour law issues, rights of workers in the organized and unorganized sectors, trade unions.

A section for discussions arising out of civil and criminal procedure as well as evidence law.

This section discusses the legal rights of sexuality minorities and all legal questions faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.

This section discusses legal issues around socio economic rights including the right to housing, health etc.